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In a sunny Brazil in 1962 the first pair of Havaianas were born. Forty years later it proved the prelude to an unprecedented success of the slippers that colour beaches all over the world. The inspiration for the design of Havaianas were called Zori's: traditional Japanese, slipper-like shoes from rice straw and dust. The typical pattern in the rice beds of the current foot-Havaianas slippers is a tribute to this origin. Brazil was quickly in love with the brand and from the 90s Havaianas slowly began to conquer the world. The white footbed was flipped to the bottom which gave the slippers more color. The Brazilian feet colored suddenly in eight different shades; Nowadays Havaianas has about twenty different colors. The explosion of warm colors created a great sense in Brazilian magazines and advertisements, and Havaianas decided to develop a special slipper for the World Cup of 1998. A small Brazilian flag was added on the strap and slipper broke through as a global fashion item. The rest is history: Havaianas is spread like a wildfire through the most beautiful beaches in the world and became a style icon in the footwear. The brand is the durable standard for trendy slippers and today the Havaianas slippers are for sale in over sixty countries. Our shop has an extensive collection of Havaianas slippers, the slender woman slippers to our great favorite, the cute baby slippers. They give color to our Vlieland beach and offer the ultimate summer mood. Always summer!