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pinqponq is a fresh brand, launched in 2014, with a collection of high quality backpacks and accessories. With mixes of materials, original patterns and an unmatched attention to detail pinqponq aims to smart, fashion conscious world citizens who want to express a creative mindset and support thoughtful goods. Every pinqponq product is the result of an ambitious process: they observe what lifestyle and fashion affine people need and create everything according to these demands. pinqponq is appreciated for style as well as function. Also sustainability is very important for the brand. The used fabrics are 100% made of recycled PET bottles. Also toxic chemicals are kept completely out of the supply chain and pinqponq treats all involved partners with respect. They look after safe labor conditions in their production country Vietnam. pinqponq is inspired by contemporary art, music, conversations and everyday life. They celebrate smart solutions that look as good as they work. Their mission is to come up with lots of ideas, so you can organize everything.