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Scotch & Soda

Scotch & Soda has its special status in our store for a long time. The Amsterdam fashion label is one of our favourites. In all of our clothing divisions, Scotch & Soda has its prominent place and we are proud of our extensive collection of the popular brand. The designs of Scotch & Soda are tough, loving and very wearable with a lot of great details. From the inside of the garment to the small print on the buttons: everything is considered and each element is matched with the other. The collection has many features of vintage, varsity and classic looks, inspired by trends all around the world. For example, the American High School clothing is a source of inspiration for the men's collection of Scotch & Soda. This collection consists of a lot of different products, from vests and jackets to shirts, polo shirts and sweaters and from (short) pants and swim shorts to cool accessories. Scotch & Soda invests heavily in the development of its products and combines high quality, fashionable looks and classic elements with very affordable prices. That’s why the fashion label is interesting for anyone. In recent years, Scotch & Soda launched special clothing collections for women, girls and boys. Under their own name, these labels are part of our collection at Eb&Vloed.