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As we take pride in the rich culture of our island, so is Closed equally proud of its heritage with great traces. The Italian high fashion label was founded in 1978 and has grown thanks to strong family ties. With the slogan 'form follows function', the brand has a stable source of inspiration and after many successful years the values reliability, trust and stability are still the basis. In the Italian '70s and '80s, Closed became very popular with jeans made of revolutionary designs. Closed had a cult status and with the innovative treatment techniques-such as stone wash technique- the brand conquered the fashion world. Nowadays, the collection has a wide variety of clothing, from cool basics to trendy accessories. The materials are durable, portable and functional, while the designs are based on innovative trends. It makes the ultimate combination of basic styles and clean models with Italian class. The diversity is enormous and the brand is still well known because of its jeans with a perfect fit. Closed is suitable for everyone!