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Humanoid is a brand we instantly were madly in love with. Dutch beauty, wrapped in an international look. Humanoid dates from the early '80s, when the concept in Arnhem took shape out of sheer love for fashion. Or, as they describe it: 'Humanoid just happened. No philosophy. Doing something.' The luxury label has grown without use of the spotlight, the identity still feels as familiar as thirty years ago. Humanoid stands for expression, creativity, authenticity, functionality and contemporary fashion. The brand is inspired by the beauty of the individual: 'two feet on the ground, feeling completely sound and comfortable with yourself.' The power of freedom and quality translates Humanoid to its collection with unique colors, asymmetry and casual comfort. The tops, dresses, jackets and trousers rays over feminine elegance; they feel silky and are made of fine quality cashmere or cotton. We are happy to share the pure love of style, fashion and elegant materials of Humanoid.