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Brand: Scotch Shrunk +



Brand: Scotch Shrunk +

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Scotch Shrunk

To be honest, the name tells us the whole story. Scotch Shrunk is the shrunken version of Scotch & Soda! The little brother is just as tough, just as rebellious and just as trendy as the brand from Amsterdam and has his own label since 2008. Scotch & Soda is proudly present in all our clothing divisions, and now the boys clothing of Scotch Shrunk also found its own place. The fashion label is inspired by the men's collection, so many garments are a copy of the larger sizes. The designs are just as tough, loving, and wearable and contain at least as much details. At the same time it’s clothing for children. That’s why Scotch Shrunk added the cutest, yet boyish features to the collection. Vintage and varsity form the basis combined with the American High School looks. The collection of Scotch Shrunk is large, from t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and polo shirts to shorts, jeans and even trendy swim shorts. The cool accessories complete the collection. Warm shades and typical boy colours form the basis of many sporty details. At Eb&Vloed we love the funny, creative texts and prints that adorn the shirts and sweaters. Its innovative product development and the combination of high quality and affordable prices makes the entire collection of Scotch & Soda one of our favourites for many years. It’s hard to imagine our store without the rebellious Scotch Shrunk clothing: ‘we have everything in place to make him Mr. Shrunk.’