Ons Vlieland


About us

Vlieland, 1995. Eb & Vloed Lifestyle opens its doors, inspired by the sea, nature & nice people. A humble, lovely shop where the sustainable clothing and accessories are compiled with a unique vision.

It is the basis for an overall concept which we are still proud of: family lifestyle in an atmosphere of leisure, luxury & simplicity. Pure and authentic, exclusive and personal. A cup of coffee in our garden, a nice treat for the youngest children or a relaxing glass of wine for the elderly, everyone is welcome in our store. While the Wadden Sea is lapping at the background, the clothing, home collection, bodycare products and the department of food & wine show the special items of the finest brands.

We select by quality, fairness and sustainability and we have an eye for special details: good taste has its own style.



A stylish, compact warehouse where the characteristic island feeling goes hand in hand with an urban, modern touch. That is our shop on Vlieland, located in the main street of our small island.

On the ground floor the influences of the sea and nature are clearly visible: with the maritime, natural and exuberant colours our store exudes an atmosphere of holiday lifestyle. The collection was compiled based on love and feeling, where we focus on pure materials of high quality.

The great stairs in the middle of the shop is our connection to the mainland. On the first floor, while looking at the Wadden Sea, we work hard on our online store, where the complete collection is available 24 hours a day. The ease of use, safe environment and inspiring mailings offer the same friendly atmosphere as our shop.

We ship our packages all over the world, the loud horn of the ferry is our daily confirmation that your order will be delivered at your house within a few days.