Safe payment

At you can pay via iDEAL (for the Netherlands), Creditcard, PayPal or prepayment.

iDEAL is a joint initiative of Rabobank, ABN Amro, ING Bank, SNS Regio Bank, ASN Bank and Friesland Bank. With iDEAL you can trustfully, safely and easily pay your online purchases. You charge into your secure Internet paying environment of your own bank. As internet banker you can use iDeal directly without having to log in. Always specify your order number.

Anyone with Internet banking at one of the participating banks can directly pay with iDEAL. You can pay within your familiar paying environment of your bank and use the same tools as with Internet banking:

- Random Reader Rabobank
- SMS Tan at ING
- E.dentifier at ABN AMRO
- Digipass at SNS Bank

How does iDEAL work?
To pay your order click the iDEAL logo. Choose your bank and you will see the payments prepared. You sign the payment like you are used to with Internet banking at your own bank. A payment with iDEAL will be written off immediatly. We will receive a confirmation of the payment and therefore a rapid delivery is possible.

Where do you see that settlement via iDEAL was successful?
After each payment with iDEAL you will receive a confirmation by e-mail which you can print. Also on the Internet and on your account, any payment with iDEAL is visible.

Paying with your credit card can be done in the secure payment service of Ogone. Here you can easily and securely pay your order. Ogone e-Commerce payment solution is used by thousands of commercial websites online. After your order, click "Pay". Here's an overview of your order number and the total amount. You choose your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, Maestro), also enter your credit card information and click "pay". You will be redirected to our Online Store and receive an confirmation by e-mail of your payment.

Credit and security: 3-D Secure and SecureCode
3-D Secure and SecureCode make online payments safer. The 3D-Secure technology was developed by Visa and is offered as Verified by Visa. MasterCard offers the MasterCard SecureCode. 3-D Secure and SecureCode are an extra step when placing your order and is used for your own safety. You will be protected against excessive use of your credit card number because you have to identify yourself before paying.

How does it work?
Your card is not activated automatic for 3-D Secure and SecureCode. For the payment of your order you may be asked to activate the 3-D Secure on your card. After that you will always be asked for a digital signature when you want to pay online with your credit card. This code will be checked immediately by your own bank. There are a number of variants of the digital signature, depending on your bank. It may be a self-chosen password, a PIN provided by your bank, but you may also be asked to create a digital signature using a random or digipas reader.

To use PayPal as a payment method you need to create a PayPal account on the website of PayPal. You can link your bank account or creditcard to this online account and then you can make safe money transfers. Paying with PayPal is free.

When you use transfer through your bank, you can address your payment to: Rabo 1389.28.304 in the name of Eb & Vloed - Vlieland, IBAN: NL27 RABO 0138928304, BIC: RABONL2U. You are kindly asked to always state the order number.

Once your payment has been received by us, your order will be dispatched as soon as possible. After that you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. We send all packages by PostNL (the Netherlands), which will deliver after 1-2 working days. For international shipments delivery will be within 3-4 days. All orders are shipped by registered mail.

If you are in the opportunity, you can also pick up the ordered items at the shop on Vlieland.